Call sign issued

25 April 2010

Received the licenses for T30XG by TAK

2nd June 2010
When I arrived at Brisbane Airport ,I was very shocked to see time schedule,my flight for NADI was cancelled hi
. Anyway my new ticket was ready.
New airline is PACFIC BLUE.
I arrived Nadi at 17:00 local time and will depart for T30 tomorrow morning.

3rd June 2010
I arrived at Bonriki Intenatinal Airport in TARAWA

This is my ant. Very simple one ! and very closed beautiful lagoon.

This is My shack on T30XG

4th June 2010

I had a very wonderful trip to North Tarawa with general assembly member of APIL.

They gave me a very beautiful T-shirts as a associate member.Hi
They are T88,V63,P29,KH2,T30,YJ0.
I was very happy to join their party and I told them relating to my hobby.
Finaly, they understood what it means.

5th June 2010
I called Mr.Itaaka at TAK(Telecommunication Authority of Kiribati) who responses to issue amateur license in Kiiribati.
He wa very surprised to my sudden visit Hi.

I am in 3D2 on 10th June 2010

16th June 2010
QSL are ready ! Ordered to Emil (LZ3HI)
It will take about two weeks.