2011 DX Vacation by JA1XGI
17th May to 24th May 2011
QRT at 12:00UTC on 23th May
Many thanks for your call & help

24th May to 26th May 2011


šAll QSL are available for JA1XGI QTH only. Pse do not send to W8XGI QTH

šThere were many pirates of T2XG and he has sent many kinds of report like 559 5NN but I sent only 5nn and tu or 73 tu.

šThe QSO after [ May 22 ] 13:30utc is invalid because of my QRT !

Up dated on Saturday, 28 May, 2011 6:00:27
Tuvalu Local Time
My Feelings

The latest DX Pedition has a too large scale.
First of all, I think that DX Pedition carried out using easy equipment like
Guss/ W4BPD.
Therefore, for my DX Pedition set up is also easy equipment.
Please listen and catch a weak signal with DX Code of Conduct.


     I have finished to order QSL card both of T2XG and     3D2XD. Pse QRX about 2 or 3 weeks.


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