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わたしのページにようこそ。Welcome to my site!
My name is Megumi Nanasawa.
I was born in Tokyo,Japan.
I have been a devoted Japanese language teacher
for many years. I am living in the Philippines.
I can give you Japanese lessons from basics with
my step-by-step learning schedule that contains
40 lessons.( Please click my 40 lessons schedule )
This lesson system is organized and interactive
between yourself & me.

I will send you a lesson via e-mail according to
my lesson schedule.

Each lesson contains various exercises.
These exercises are intended to make sure you learn the lesson. Please answer the exercises and send them back to me. I will then check whether your answers are correct and send you back my corrections with my comments.
At the same time, I will send you the next lesson.
I will also send you review exercises periodically in addition to the 40 lessons.

You can already answer my lesson-1.

Let's learn nihongo.
From Megumi

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