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A. To think about conservation of local culture and its utilization for the development of culture and economy in Nias Island, Indonesia.


B. To promote mutual cultural exchanges between Nias Island, Indonesia and Japan.


C. To support citizens in Nias Island to appeal their culture and opinions to the world.



Due to serious destruction of the Sumatra Earthquake in 2004-5 and the wave of modernization in Nias Island Sumatra, unique cultural resources in the island are rapidly fading away. Aim of this project is to seek the breakthrough for conservation of local culture and its utilization for further development of their culture and economy.


For this purpose, we will conduct activities including a symposium, lecture series and an exhibition of Nias ethnology and arts to seek the harmony between local culture conservation and modernization. We make the opportunity to discuss the utilization of local cultural resources among museum curators, administrative officers, NGOs and local residents. In addition, we are planning to do study tour in Nias Island to promote cultural exchange among citizens.


Through above events, we will establish a network involving researchers in the world, NGO practitioners and citizens, and deepen discussion on cultural resource in Nias Island.


We expect this project will achieve sound results in following five points;


1)To provide the way to promote utilization of cultural resources and lead to harmonious development in cultural conservation and economy.


2)To contribute to further academic research in the institution in Nias Island and promote research in overseas.


3)To promote mutual understandings and cultural exchange between Japan and Indonesia by involving citizen groups in both countries.


4)To provide better solutions for international aids with considering "recipient’s culture" or "modernization" and "development" by promoting discussion and exchange of ideas between local academic researchers and aid organizations.


5)To awake the concern on Nias island and Indonesia by understanding the area Japan supported emergency aid during the Sumatra earthquake.  


Through these points, this project contributes to independent development physically and metaphysically in Nias Island.

Progress Report 

In progress

Homepage Updating


Liaison of Prof. Someya's  Indonesia Study Tour in  ICU

Revising explanation in Ethnological ehibition

Preparation for application to Japan- Indonesia Golden Year

Liasion work to coopeartors for conservation of Nias traditional house

Reorganising system of Nias Sumatra Study Tour

Visit plan to Shirakawa-go UNESCO World Heritage

Preparation for Duman Wau Japan Visit - Lecture Tour in Tokyo , Osaka, Tohoku.

                               (As of 18 Jan 2008)

Next Directer


7 March 2008 in ICU


Main Members

Coordinator:Masayuki NISHIDA

     (PhD Candidate, Australian Nationa University )

Vice Coordinator: Hitomi HAYASHI

     (Member, Mitaka International Society for Hospitality (MISHOP))

Adviser: Koichi NIITSU

     (Professor emeritus, International Christian University in Japan (ICU))

Superviser:Yoshiko YAMAMOTO

(Director of the Adan E. Treganza Anthropology Museum, San Francisco State University)

Chief of Exhibition Section: Natsuko OHASHI

(MA Student,  Graduate School of Language and Society, Hitotsunbashi University) 

Chief of Lecture & Symposium Section: Kanako ISHIWATARI 

   (Research Associate, Institute of Asian Studies, ICU) 

Chief of Study Tour Section: Masahiro NAKAMURA

    (BSc Student, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)


Members in Secretariat

 Kazuko Ikeda (Member, MISHOP)

 Takeo Odaka (Member, MISHOP Mr. Heavenly Dragonfly)

 Toshie Odaka (Member, MISHOP)


Counterpart in Nias Island

Nata’alui Duha

    (Director of Pusaka Nias Museum)

Duman Wau

    (Executive Directer, LPAM-NIAS)


Toyota Foundation

A Network Building Project Toward Local Development in Harmony with Local Culture and Modernization in Nias Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia

-For Rehabilitation and Development with Utilizing Local Culture after the Sumatra Earthquake-

(Nov 2007-Oct 2009)


Directer Meeting,


15-24 Sep. 2007 Coordinating Meeting(Gunung Sitoli, Nias)

Directer Meeting

11 Oct. 2007 1800- Director Meeting in Shinjuku, Tokyo


16 Oct. 2007 1030- Meeting with Japan Foundation


17 Oct. 2007 1100- Laison with Mitaka City Art and Cultural Centre


18 Oct. 2007 1100- Meeting in  Toyota Foundation

        1800- Commitee on International Understanding, MISHOP


19 Oct. 2007 Meeting in "Little World",Ethnological Museum in Nagoya


20 Oct. 2007 1500- PR and Explanation of Nias Sumatra Study

         1800-Planning Meeting in Nias Study Tour


24 Oct. 2007  Reception ceremony in Toyota Foundation

Directer Meeting

4 Nov. 2007 1800- Planning Meeting in Internet (Tokyo- Chiang Mai) 


16 Nov. 2007 Reception of Cooperation Agreement on Cultural Exchange Tour from Nias from Authority of Tourism and Culture in South Nias District.


17 Nov. 2007 Liasion to Prof. Naohiko INUI


17-19 Nov. 2007 Cooperation with Prof. Akihisa Matsuno, Department of Foreign Languages, Osaka University (Japan Indonesia NGO network) for Duman Wau's Lecture.

Directer Meeting

1 Dec. 2007 In Mr. and Mrs. Odaka's house


2 Dec. 2007 Application to Japan Foundation


8 Dec. 2007 Liasion to  ICU UNESCO Club 


9 Dec. 2007 Liasion to Ms. Chikako Ishikawa

Directer Meeting

10 Dec. 2007 In Institute of Asian Studies, ICU 


Dec. 2007 Liasion to Shiarakawa-go Town,Hida


Dec 2007 Massage on cooperation from Indonesian exhange student group (via Mr. Hisato Yamaguchi, ICU) 


21 Dec. 2007 Liasion with Seiichi Okawa, Indonesia Culture Plaza 


21 Dec. 2007 Meeting with Cultural organization in Mitaka 

Directer Meeting

24 Dec. 2007 In Mitaka City Citizen Colaboration Centre (Co-working with Prf. Someya's Project)  

Directer Meeting

11 Jan. 2008 Meeting with Mitaka Network University (On Symposium) 


18 Jan. 2008 Writing application for "Japan Indonesia Friendship Golden Year"

Directer Meeting

20 Jan. 2008 Directors Meeting (Mitaka City Citizen Colaboration Centre)  


Diary of Coordinator