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The fiinale of Puccinis "Madame Butterfly" is heard in the background.


Poet       In this age of slaughter and political mayhem

              music and poetry can no longer console us,

              but they are still better than the rhetoric of patriots.

              The glory crowning the dictator's bald skull is bound to fade.

              Honour is always laid at the foot of the hero's corpse.

              Only adversity, which robs us of sleep, is immortal.


              The past is like a father stamping in rage or a mother sighing

              The future is like a son afraid of the dark or a shy daughter.

              For parents, the balance of time is behind them.

              For children, life is still to come.

              Past and future are parent and child.

              For parents it is late, but they are responsible for the future.


              For children it is early, but they must learn from the past.

              The children have to set off on a perilous journey.

              The parents help them to prepare for the journey

              and then they'll take care of the rest.


              Our ears can tolerate any noise.

              Our nose can get used to whatever stench.

              We bow our heads but we do not believe

              we keep quiet be we won't lie,

              we suffer but we do not give in,

              having no fear of this ailing world

              we shall outlast even the end of everything.

              Tears shed become rain which waters the desert.

              Blood shed enters the rivers and runs back into the sea

              The desert assuages the wounded soul, the sea engenders new lives.

              The stars will shine out again tonight, oblivious to the tragedy on earth.


              ACT I  Scene 1  Nagasaki  - Suzukis residence

              Waking from a dream, Suzuki sighs and mutters. A young nun appears from stage right and brings medicine to Suzukis bedside, overhearing her musings.

Suzuki   Have I arrived in heaven already?

Nun       Do I look like an angel?

Suzuki   You look like a woman whos been driven into God's arms by unrequited love.

Nun       What talk! That poisoned tongue of yours needs some medicine.

Suzuki   Thanks to my poison, Ive lived four times as long as Cho-Cho san. If my time was up, I'd go willingly, but one thing I do regret.

Nun       Its about the son of Cho-Cho san, isnt it?

Suzuki   Im sure that when he is a grown man, he'll come here to receive  Cho-Cho san's effects. Until that day arrives I'll cling to my pillow, even if my time has come. I want to tell him tof Cho-Cho sans feelings as  she took her own life, and what hopes she had for him. Now I understand her perfectly; her heart was wedded to loneliness.

Nun       Suzuki-san, youve suffered loneliness yourself.

Suzuki   Love was not for me.  You too must feel it,  having lost the man you loved. When the  bud of  desire unfolds, we are overwhelmed by the scent and lost in its poison.  It cannot bloom for long. Sooner or later both of you hurt each other, and one of you dies. But love never dies. Like a flower, it withers, leaving its seeds. Love is a dream which cannot be realised in this world, but is carried over into the next.

Nun       If you like, I'll hear your will.

Suzuki   Will you tell him of it, when I am dead?

              ARIA No.1 (SUZUKI) Suzukis Aria: Since you are a child born between countries

              Since you are a child born between countries, you  fly back and forth between your father's and your mother's land like a migrating bird.

              Your mother will be received in heaven through the intervention of the Goddess Kannon (note - "Kannon" is the goddess of Mercy).

              Even after your mother has gone, her spirit will never leave you.

              Take her with you to your father's country, the spirit is lighter than air and won't hinder you.

              Be blessed by the new god  in a land of freedom and equality.

              The butterfly, awaking from the dream of sweet romance, has crossed a river which from which there is no return.

              Joy, born out of the wind and the butterfly, has turned into Sadness and roams between the two.

              Sadness, born out of the wind and the butterfly, has became a bat and flown away  to his fathers land.

              The butterfly, having killed herself so that love should live, is merely waiting for love to blossom at last in the next world.

Nun       (making the sign of the cross) May God go with you.

Suzuki   Jesus is cruel. To serve him, Cho-Cho san turned her back on her relatives and the temple, but she's been abandoned by everyone, and doesnt even have a tomb of her own. Suicide is supposed to be a sin, yet the man who drove her to kill herself has been forgiven. Isn't this absurd?

Nun       God loves those who are most alone in the world.

Suzuki   Its not easy to be loved by a cruel god.

Nun       Let me read to you from the Bible.

              (reading) You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes. All these are merely  birth pains. (Mathew: 24) (The sound of bells is coming from the church.)

               Hearing it, Suzuki sighs.

Nun       Mass is about to begin. You pray too, please. (goes out stage right)

Suzuki   taking out her Buddhist rosary  from where she keeeps it concealed in her bosom) Na-mu-a-mi-da-bu-tsu. Na-mu-a-mi-da-bu-tsu. What if, along with their god, the  Americans don't also export the seeds of conflict? (pause) I wonder whether the child has read my letter

              Suzuki takes out  Cho-Cho san's dagger out from under her pillow, and the vision of a young child appears in the room, singing a love song for her mother.

              J.B. sings from the back of the stage.

              ARIA No.2 (JBJ.B.s Aria: Mother

              Mother, I dont know your name.

              I dont even know why you took your own life.

              Mother, you dont  have a tomb, and no one remembers you.

              My sighs are always dedicated to your image, Mother.

              Looking up at the sky, listening to the sound of the waves,  touching the wind as it blows through the forest,  mother, I want to be close to your heart.

              Mother, what future did you dream of?

              I don't believe in God. Instead, mother, I pray to you. I pray.

              The vision of J.B. fades, and the dagger falls to the floor.

Suzuki   Hes back. Please someone, stop the child. Scatter  flowers, flowers.

              Suzuki silently  breathes her last.

        "ACT I  Scene 2  Kobe  - The U.S. Consulate

 (Act I Scene 2 is played in English)"

        J.B, an agent of the U.S. Wartime Information Agency, is working at the American Consulate in Kobe. His assignment is to study the characteristics of the Japanese people, as well as their way of thinking, and report. In the conference room of the Consulate, McCallum is waiting for J.B. while he reads a report. McCallum is the Far East Division Chief of the Wartime Information Agency, and has just returned from Manchuria.

McCallum        Benjamin Pinkerton Junior! (mono) Son of a U.S. Naval Officer. Born in Nagasaki. His mother was a Japanese Geisha. So he is Junior Butterfly

        J.B. appears from stage left.

McCallum        I heard you are in love with a Japanese girl. I bet you have a better command of the feminine style of the language.

J.B.    Im just seeing and hearing this country, with the aid of a womans eyes and ears.

McCallum        There is no point in sacrificing yourself in this day and age. You should fall in love until your heart is satisfiedjust like Pinkerton Senior.

J.B.    It was OK for my father to forget about war and become drunk with love.

McCallum        Thats the American way. Looking at a war in a foreign country from a distance, and living for profit, happiness and ecstasy. Money, money, and money...What should we spend the extra money on? Thats the issue. This country, where you were born, is like a child who is getting fatter by eating wars. Soon, he wont find anything to eat. So what do you think? Do you think this country is gonna have a war with the United States?

J.B.    The  enemy of the last war is the United States.

McCallum        Probably it is. They say we are the beast. But, the one who will win is...the United States.

J.B.    There is no justice on either side. The one who has pushed this country to the very edge is the United States.

McCallum        I met a man named Matsuoka. Every other word he uttered was this, (dramatically) Its America which is the invader.

J.B.    This country is like a mirror which reflects America.

McCallum        Are the Yankee and the Jap brothers? The younger brother, who doesnt know anything about liberty or equality, is repeatedly conducting massacres on the continent.

J.B.    The war is devouring this country.

McCallum        Youve passed through the tunnel where the skeletons were piled. Youve crossed the river where the dead were floating away. Is this what you call Arcadia or the Harmony among the five races? To hell with The Great East Asian Sphere of Co-Prosperity!!

J.B.    The United Stated pretended as if it had not noticed any of Japans acts of violence. The Japanese army is struggling in the pit which theyve dug for themselves.

McCallum        America will fill in the pit for them.

J.B.    They would fight, even while dragging themselves out of the pit.

McCallum        Since the day Russia lost to Japan, history started down an alternate path.

J.B.    Those who have failed to keep up with the flow of history buy their freedom by means of war. They get hold of equality by means of discrimination. Their happiness is built upon dead bodies. We have to sever this chain of evil.

MaCallum        Look at the Chinese resistance to Japan. China has become equal to us in the war of justice against her brutality. On top of that, even the people of India are starting to pursue the dream of independence.

J.B.    If that is the course history shall take, we have no choice but follow.

McCallum        Indeed, you do have Asian blood. Dont feel obligated to do anything for the Japs. Think about how happy you are as a Yankee.

J.B.    Look at my face. Im neither Jap nor Yankee. Im a bat born between the two. Ill live the freedom of a bat.

McCallum        Freedom for a bat is not so easy. Romance is sweet but its about time to wind it up. The war will kill romance as well.

J.B.    But there is a romance which can kill war.

McCallum        All right. Let me ask you this one more time. Will Japan start a war, even against the United States, if we corner them financially and invade their territorial waters?

J.B.    The enemy of Japan is the enemy of Germany. Thats the assurance in order for Japan to maintain their hegemony in Asia. But the composed naval officers want to avoid a war against the United States.

McCallum        But how about the army?

J.B.    Even if they know that they will lose, they would leave everything up to the Divine Wind. If they start to see the bottom of their stockpile, they will resort to a war of all or nothing. In order to avoid a war, we have to release the trade embargo. Dont push Japan to the edge.

McCallum        Could it be the Pacific Fleet that they would target?

J.B.    They are thinking about doing it before their stockpiles are depleted.

McCallum        It's just what I was expecting.

J.B.    Isnt it our mission to avoid a war?

McCallum        Officially, yes it was. But diplomacy itself is a war as well.

J.B.    Most Americans are not fond of getting into a war.

McCallum        Your pacifism is out of sync with the times. If Japan is unified with one mind in regarding America as an enemy, the United States will be unified in retaliation against Japan.

J.B.    Retaliation? Japan hasnt attacked the United States yet.

McCallum        Youd better think that the war has already begun. Well launch air strikes and sow freedom and equality in this country.

J.B.    If Japan signs a pact with China and India, then whats going to happen?

McCallum        We have to interfere in Asia to avoid that kind of situation. We have no choice but to westernize the whole of Asia before it awakens to Nationalism.

J.B.    Its the Western nations which taught them the methods behind invasions.

McCallum        Im tired of your favoritism for Asia. (pointing to the door) Go now.

        When McCallum is alone , he opens a map and ponders with his arms crossed.

Aria No.3       McCallums Aria: The God of war smiles at America

        The alliance of the three nations threatens America.

        If the British fleet is handed over to Germany intact, there will be a Swastika in the Caribbean Sea.

        The public is against the war. However

        We have to smash open the door to war.

        From the back door, we are going to plant the seeds of fire in the peaceful ocean.

        The God of war smiles at America.

        Their target will probably be Pearl Harbor.

        Following their brutal air raid, public opinion will shift.

        This will be the last war for sure.

        America will have the last laugh.(laugh)



Poet    People want to believe in something

        that will guarantee their homeland in eternity

        and bring assurances of peace and well-being.

        This is why  Nation and People are like a religion.

        Money is the key to every door.

        And since everyone prays to have it,

        the religion of Capitalism attracts no end of adepts.

        When it comes down to it, love too is a religion,

        because it pursues the principle of happiness

        and tries to attain the realm of Pleasure.

        Love seeks to invade the domains of State, People and Capitalism.

        This is love without bliss, which refuses ecstasy or honour.

        It finds no fulfilment and loses everything.

        This is why people continue to be driven mad by love and suffer its reverses.

        But its irrational nature only reinforces our belief.

        And only those who truly believe can love.


        ACT II  Scene 1  Kobe - Noda's Residence

        J.B. frequents the house of his girlfriend, Naomi Noda. He is, however, still in a dilemma between love and his duty, and hasnt been able to bring himself to propose to her. Naomis older brother, Lieutenant Noda is worried about the relationship between the two, and wants to find out J.B.s intentions.

        The siblings are sitting facing one another in silence. Suddenly he questions her.

Lt. Noda        You are in love with that man, arent you?

Naomi   I know you dont dislike him either.

Lt. Noda        I could not bear to see you unhappy.

Naomi   There can be no unhappiness for newfound love.

Lt. Noda        It's as if a flame were to be enamoured of ice.

Naomi   Ive already made up my mind. Rather than to deceive my heart, I want him to set it on fire.

Lt. Noda        He is an American spy.  A woman who falls in love with a spy is destined for hell. Before this leads to your death, sacrifice your love.

Naomi   I wont do it.  Our rulers declare us at war whenever they like, but I am the one who decides my love.

Lt. Noda        Would you betray your homeland?(sighs)

        ARIA No.4 NODANodas Aria: May a smile return to this country.

Noda    The odour of war is blowing from Manchuria.

        A girl who has been sold arrives in the brothel.

        Some plan to seize power, some favour murder,

        some throw themselves into the crater of Mount Fuji,

        there are couples who kill themselves, hoping in love in the next world,

        and somewho go round arresting "reds" and "spies"

        All are in the throes of desperation.

        Everywhere people are risking their lives.

        Spring has come and gone.

        We shall live this haven in the sun,

        and the music which puts a smile on our lips.

        There is nobody left who can listen to ane and all, each voice in turn.

        Everything in the world is now in the hands of the military.

        I am witnessing the twilight of the Land of the Gods.

        Soldiers are men who ultimately are destined to die,

        so those who throw themselves into the crater or kill themselves for love

        are my fellow creatures.

        Win or to lose is the fate of soldiers in war

        although nobody ever thinks they'll lose.

        The soldiers who have dedicated their life to the Empero well  know that if they should die, the Emperor too will lose his life.

        I dont want my death to be honoured,

        but may a smile return to this country.




        Noda exits stage left. Naomi remains alone and looks at the goldfish, Joy  and Sadness. Then, J.B. appears with some records in hand.

J.B.    Do these goldfish have names?

Naomi   This Ryukin is called Joy, and this Demekin Sadness. (note -  Ryukin and Demekin are kinds of goldfish).

J.B.    Joy and Sadness seem to be good friends.

Naomi   I was dying to see you.

J.B.    Ive brought you some music. Where is your brother?

Naomi   He is getting ready. He says his ship leaves tomorrow from Tsuruga.

J.B.    OhSo hes going to Manchuria.

Naomi   Are we going to be torn apart, each to face his own future?

J.B.    We shall live in the same future. Naomi, since I met you Ive found the courage to fall in love. If I exist, it's for you. My love for you will be my last.

Duet    No.1 I am Joy and you are Sadness. (underscored section is simultaneous)

Naomi   I am Joy and you are Sadness.

J.B.    Naomis Joy is my Joy.

Naomi   Your Sadness is my Sadness.

J.B.    If I lost Joy,   Sadness would die.

Naomi   If I lost Sadness, Joy would die too. Sadness

J.B.    becomes the father of Joy, and Joy

Naomi   becomes the mother of Sadness.

J.B.    Naomi, whatever the future brings, my love wont change.

Naomi   Whatever the future bribgs I shall have no regrets.

J.B.    Ill dedicate everything to you.

Naomi   I love you more than I love this country.

J.B.    I love Naomi more than I love America.

Naomi   From henceforth, your body is my home.

J.B.    Lets build our home in our hearts.

        From backstage, shouts of Americans out of Japan! There's no room for you in Japan!

        Noda, in uniform, enters from the back room. J.B. noticesthe tension in the air, and Noda speaks out forcefully.

Tertzet         No.1 A dark future of cruelty

Noda    I dont hold anything against you, but I must ask you to conserve your love only in your memory.

J.B.    Why is that?

Noda    Because both of you are in positions which wont allow you to betray your homelands.

J.B.    Ill maintain my neutrality.

Noda    If you love Naomi, can't you just relinquish her in silence?

J.B.    Ill remain in this country, where my mother was born and ended her life. That is the duty of a bat who was born between two worlds.

Noda    Once the war begins, ythere will be nowhere for you to go, and Naomi will be exposed to groundless speculation and hatred.

Naomi   If I had known that war could destroy this love, I'd never have entered into it.

Noda    Perhaps you both see a rose-tinted dream, but what awaits you is a dark future of cruelty.

Naomi   If there is cruelty in store for us, its all the more important to stay together. Im used to dark dreams. Whatever  fate does to me, I shall not complain.

J.B.    Whatever fate does to me, I shall live for my last love.

Naomi   However cruel the future may be, I shall follow you.

Noda    Even if the war is going against Japan, Ill fight to the death.

        All three stand in silence. The chorus is heard from behind on the stage.


        Asia is crying.

        Asia is dying.

        Wipe your tears and take up arms.

        Cross the river of blood,

        Climb over the mountain covered with dead bodies,

        Now is the time to show Japanese spirit.

        Instead of a gloomy peace, how refreshing it feels to be at war.

        Listen, vicious Americans and British, to our expression of nationalism.

        Japan, the Land of the Gods, is immortal.

Noda    Fetch some sake.

        At the request of Noda, Naomi brings a  bottle of sake and cups. Meanwhile, Noda whispers to J.B.:

Noda    Since you are not so young, this will be your last love. I have a woman in my heart, too. Im going to her with her before I leave for the battlefield.

        When Naomi returns, Noda makes J.B. and Naomi hold their cups and, pouring sake, utters:

Noda    I can't approve of this marriage. But perhaps the day will come when I can celebrate it in good faith. Since I can't be sure of living to see that day, let me now drink a toast to it.

        Once they have emptied their cups, Noda salutes the audience and runs off stage right.

Poet    War  forces us to be ready to die at any moment.

        It is really so honourable to die for your country

        when it is the rulers themselves who cause the slaughter?

        The good and the bad, the old and the young,

        thousands are rendered equal in death.

        Severed legs, necks and arms tumble in the rubble.

        The city becomes one great featureless cemetery.


        Yet we still have to go to war.

        Better that than than losing your freedom.

        There is a kind of freedom that turns its back on freedom

        There is a kind of freedom that takes its revenge.

        Since the dead cannot avenge themselves

        we can think ourselves lucky not to have died.

        The responsability lies with the living.


        When war is lost, prisoners become heroes and heroes black marketeers.

        When war is lost, the ruins turn into brothels, and girls into whores.

        When war is lost, saints and sages are toppled from their pedestals.


        As long as we continue to be human beings, nothing will change

        Sooner or later the winners will shed tears and the losers will laugh.

        People will continue to live and to fade,

        and once we reach illumination, our time will be up.

                ACT II  Scene 2  Kobe    The Noda's Residence.

        The married life of J.B. and Naomi, with nobodys blessing. J.B. gazes at the sun setting over the ocean.

Duet No.2       We met because of the sea


Naomi   What a beautiful sunset!

J.B.    Sunset in the land of the rising sun. When the sun sets here, day breaks across the sea

Naomi   Your past is across the sea I want to go where you were raised.

J.B.    I was living in a house on the top of a hill.

Naomi   This house is also on the top of a hill.

J.B.    We met because of the sea

Naomi   Tell me about the land across the sea

J.B.    Looking at my face, everyone asked me: Where are you from?

Naomi   You were born in Nagasaki and then crossed  the Pacific.

J.B.    It was a long journey. So long that Nagasaki turned into a mirage, while my mother is like a woman in a dream.

Naomi   You lost your past.

J.B.    I didnt even know a name to fit this face.

Naomi   Your face was your bond with this country.

J.B.    Traces of my mother were etched in this face. She watched over me, transforming herself into rain, wind and flowers.

Naomi   Now I'm living with you. Isn't it marvellous?

J.B.    When I saw your smile, my long journey was over How long I'd been awaiting this moment!

Naomi   How long I'd been awaiting this moment! When I heard you speak, a bud unfolded in my wintry heart.

J.B.    Ive come back. To the house of my dreams, in the furthest reaches of my memory.

        Naomi jumps up as if she'd just remembered something. She goes out into the garden and bursts into tears.

J.B.    Why are you crying?

Naomi   Im crying because I'm so happy.

J.B.    I feel as though I'm living my future happiness now.

Naomi   On the sweet trre of our  joy hangs a little fruit of fear.

J.B.    There is nothing to fear.

Naomi   One day well be separated.

J.B.    Ill guard you all night long. So that nothing can enter  this room of dreams to separate us.

        They kiss.

Aria No.5       Naomis Aria: I want you to promise me.

Naomi   Summer is only on my lips.

        I want to be inebriated with you like this for ever.


        I want you to promise me

        that even if we are separated, our hearts will still be one,

        and that you will never forget our time together.

        I want to believe in this promise more even than love itself.

        Will you be angry if I say this?

        Since Ive loved you,

        I know I shall have to be punished.

        When this love comes to an end,

        who knows if the memory of our past will vanish as well?

        That would be too sad, and this is why

        I want to build a fortress to protect our past.

        For me, since I fear loneliness

        even when I'm with you

        Even if our bodies get separated,

        in the memory of the past,

        our hearts will always be one.

J.B.    I promise. I swear on this smooth skin of yours. (Placing his hands over Naomis) When I put my hands on yours, like now, my  tired hands immediately feel rested.

Naomi   OhIt's as if everything is bursting into flower. I feel as though Ive been calling your name for a long, long time. Anything which sparkled, like water, I called by your name.

J.B.    Naomi, your hair is  life to me. Your lips assuage my loneliness.

        They begin to embrace. Then they go into the bedroom. As the dimly-lit stage fills with the sweet music of love, background noises are suddenly heard. The music is drowned out by voices on the radio and a military song. Barton, from the American Consulate, enters out of breath after running uphill.

Barton  Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin.

        J.B. appears from the back room.

Barton  It's war. Pearl Harbor has been attacked.

J.B.    So it's begun.

Barton  The Consulate is being closed down.

        ACT III  Scene 1  Concentration Camp   

120     A room in the camp, empty apart from a box. Under the constant surveillance of the police and Military Police, prisoners from both the Allied Forces and the Axis powers live in enforced proximity. They are seen constantly crossing the stage, some carrying heavy packages, others bartering possessions. Naomi appears stage right led by a military policeman. She is here to visit J.B. with Chame (their son).   

121     Military Policeman (MP) You know this is against the rules. Dont mention my name.

122     Naomi   Thank you very much.

123             Naomi slips him a package wrapped in cloth. He takes it, trying to avoid being seen.

124     MP      Wait right here.

125             Watching the policeman exit stage left, Naomi takes Chame by the hand and sighs.

126     Naomi   You're about to see your daddy. Try and look a bit happier.

127             Levaine, a prisoner, appears walking on crutches. He is obviously exhausted from hard labour.

128     Levaine (talking to himself) Another day alive. I had no idea that surviving cost so much pain and effort.

129             Levaine falls over, Naomi helps him up and tries to get him to drink  from her water bottle.

130     Levaine (taking gulps of water) I'm not ready for my last words yet. (looking at Naomi, who nods) Not until I reach the Promised Land.

131     Naomi   Are you American?

132     Levaine Im a Jew who failed to get to America. Are you Chinese?

133     Naomi   No. Im Japanese.

134     Levaine         This is a place for prisoners of war. What are you doing here?

135     Naomi   Iv come to see my husband.

136     Levaine Is your husband in the Military Police?

137     Naomi   He's  American.

138     Levaine         Here's another strange Japanese charcater! You could team up with that man.

139     Naomi   Who do you meant?

140     Levaine Sugihara If I've got it right. Thats the  Moses's Japanese name. Whats your name?

141     Naomi   My name is Naomi.

142     Levaine Naomi! I've met with hope! Who would've thought I'd hear Hebrew here!

143     Naomi   Where have you  come from?

144     Levaine I was forced to flee from Berlin, got my visa in Kaunas, went to Siberia, and ended up here.

145             J.B. entersstage left. As soon as he sees Naomi and Chame, he runs to them and hugs them.

146     Levaine Here's the husband of Hope. You are my future. When the war is over, get a visa for me. In exchange Ill give you Germany.

147             J.B. and Levaine shake hands.

148     Levaine Goodbye, Madame Good-hope.

149             Levaine exits stage left.

150     J.B.    Naomi! Ive missed you.

151     Naomi   Im so happy to see you again.

152     J.B.    (to Chame) Do you want daddy to hold you? (Lifting Chame, turns to Naomi) It must have been hard for you.

153     Naomi   Even harder for you.

154     J.B.    The good times are back.

155     Naomi   Im so happy. But is it really you?

156     J.B.    And you, is it really you, Naomi?

157             They hug again. Naomi cries.

158     Naomi   Worse luck I had to promise only to see you for a moment. What a shame, now that we've been able to meet up again at last.

159     J.B.    In this place, it's not only the prisoners who are locked up, but time too Time doesnt move into the future at all.

160     Naomi   Chame is growing up. The war wont last forever.

161     J.B.    I wonder whats happening in the world outside. The newspaper and the radio only tell lies.

162     Naomi   Happiness is always in the future.

163     J.B.    Yes, tit's true. When I get out of here, where shall we go, what shall we do?

                Aria No.6  Naomis Aria: When I wake up in the morning.

        Naomi   When I wake up in the morning, I hear the sea waves in the distance.

                And when I open the window, I see no fences or walls.

                When the Pacific reverts to being a sea of peace,

                America will be much closer than it is now.

                To be free of my resentment and hatred, 

                to love your resentment and your hatred,

                I want to follow the course of your journey.

                I want to go to Nagasaki where you were born,

                and find with you the memories of your distant past.

                I want to know what the Statue of Liberty

                looked like, which you gazed on.

                I'll see with my own eyes the sea of peace

                which you looked out over from the opposite shore,

                I'll take the train which carried you,

                we'll live together in a small house on a hilltop,

                I'll make a flowerbed in the little garden

                so that the butterfly which crossed over to the next world

                can come back at any time.




164             The military policeman enters stage left and urges Naomi to leave. J.B. embraces Naomi and Chame and mutters longingly:

165     J.B.    We'll be able to see each other again soon, once the war is over.

166     Naomi   I will be waiting in Nagasaki, the town where your memories are preserved.

167     J.B.    I shall come and get you, no matter what.

168     J.B.    On the hilltop where you can see the ocean of peace.

169     Naomi   In the house of my memories, on the top of the hill.

170     J.B.    Remember me when I was at my best.

171     Naomi   I too want you to remember me at my best.

172             Naomi, led by the military policeman, exits stage right. Lights down, scene change.

173             Intermezzo

174             An atomic bomb is dropped from the Enola Gay, as it flies over. The noise of its engine is heard. The stage is lit up by two flashes in total silence.


176             The voice of the Emperor is heard over the radio, sounding  otherworldly. Cheers are heard  here and there in the  camp (backstage).

177             The prisoners hum the song of victory.

                To make sure we hadn't got it wrong

                We listened to the radio over and over again, hugging it.


                No more sleepless nights.

                The time has come for sighs and prayers to be rewarded.


                We'll be able to go wherever we like

                We'll be able to meet up with everyone we wanted to see               

                Lets fill our bellies with bread and meat

                Lets find out how to smile again

                how blue the sky is today!

                Ah, how can we pass on this joy

                To the people that went ahead of us into the next world?(cut at Kobe)

                        ACT III  Scene 2  Nagasaki

        J.B.  wanders around in a scene of desolation, muttering to himself. The passers-by have servile smiles on their faces. Acting as if he had just learned humility,  a military policeman bows, smiles and asks J.B.: Is there anything I can do for you? A homeless child dogs J.B., asking for food.

J.B.    What's happened to all those men who wowed to go on fighting even if they were the only ones left?

        Overhead there is a B29, not engaged in bombing but circling low. A  craftsman, standing amidst the ruins, says:

Craftsman (double cast with the military policeman)     What more is there for you to burn? Well do whatever you like, as long as you keep quiet.

        The sea in the Bay of Oura under a sunny sky,  which little J.B. and his mother probably used to gaze out over, glistens in the sun as if nothing had happened. And in the bay, like fifty odd years before,  an American warship lies at anchor. The city has still not recovered from the rational destruction of the atom bomb. Contemplating the scene of devastation, J.B. addresses the image of his mother.

J.B.    What a cruel end to the love between you and my father. Nagasaki, which Ive dreamed about so often, has been reduced to ashes. There was nothing I could do. All those who died so futilely are staring at me.

        A reporter from The Daily Telegraph appears on the scene, photographing the ruins caused by the atom bomb.

Reporter (double casting with Barton)   Can only complete destruction bring peace? This is the price to pay for Pearl Harbor.

J.B.    (to the reporter) Cant you see? Can't you see all the ghosts who still don't believe they're dead? Show this terrible spectacle to those who are now laughing inanely. You must male Hiroshima and Nagasaki household names throughout the world. Its your duty.

Reporter        What are you doing here?

J.B.    Im praying. If I'm not allowed to expiate, prayer is all that's left to me.

        Disregarding J.B. at prayer, the reporter exits stage left.

        After walking around  for a while, J.B. comes to a church. Thinking that this could  be where his mother came to seek advice about her conversion, J.B. opens the door and asks a nun who is cleaning:

J.B.    Do you know where my wife, Naomi, is?

Nun     Who are you?

J.B.    Im Benjamin Pinkerton, Junior, Naomis husband.

Nun     This is just as Suzuki-san said. The son of Cho-Cho san has come.

        The nun takes J.B.s hand and leads him into the church. The wall of the church opens, revealing a chapel. From behind the chapel the nun appears, holding a dagger with a golden dragon emblazoned on the lacquer work, and hands it to J.B.

J.B.    What is this?

Nun     Its a relic of your mother. Cho-Cho san took her  life with this dagger.

        J.B. looks up at the ceiling and blinks several times. Then he clasps his hands in prayer, addressing the image of his mother, and asks:

J.B.    What kind of a life did you dream of?

        Chame, J.B.'s son, appears, wearing an eye patch. J.B. embraces his son without saying a word.

J.B.    I've missed you. Do you remember your daddy?

        Chame shakes his head.

J.B.    Where is your mummy? Go and call her, please.

        Although J.B. urges him, Chame seems unwilling. Finally he points mutely to the sky. Unable to understand his meaning, J.B. asks the nun:

J.B.    Where is Naomi?

Nun     The cruel bomb turned the city into a sea of fire and Naomi  was

J.B.    And Naomi was Naomi was

Nun     (crying) She was called up to heaven.

J.B.    Its a lie. I can see it in your face. Tell me the truth. Naomi is still alive, isnt she?

Nun     Im sorry. Naomi asked me to do it. if you came back to see her, I had to tell you she was dead.

J.B.    Why? Chame, tell me where your mummy is.

        Chame takes J.B. by the hand and tries to lead him to the back of the stage.(cut at Kobe)

        After a brief moment in darkness, J.B. remains alone on the dimly-lit stage. (cut at Kobe)From backstage Naomis aria is heard.

        Aria No.7NAOMI'S Aria"More than any sorrow

        Nobody made me unhappy.

        Even if you were as happy as me, you would not need to be pitied in the world, nor receive consolation.

        Those who have drunk most deeply of the joys of love have also suffered most from love's poison. And yet  they still don't feel unhappy. (cut at premiere)

        Just as pain scourges the flesh more  deeply than any medicine, so suffering cuts  deeper into the heart than any words. Those who have wept so deeply understand the tear-stained  words of allliving creatures. More than any sorrow, you can penetrate to the depths of my heart.(cut at premiere)

J.B.    Naomi, Im back.(cut at premiere)

        Naomi is seen lying  in a bed on the dimly lit stage, completely swathed in cotton gauze. She starts fitfully on  hearing J.B. call her name. She looks like a black and white photograph.(cut at premiere)

Naomi   OhI no longer belong to this world.

J.B.    What do you mean? The war's over. Our future is about to begin.

        J.B. is going to approach the bed.

Naomi   No. Please dont get any closer. Im no longer the Naomi you once knew.

        Aria No.8  J.B.s Aria: From the distant past.

        Oh, Naomi. All this time, unable to control myself,

        Ive called to you in my dreams every night,

        trying to put  life into your floating image.

        I feel like as though Ive been calling your name,  Naomi, for a long, long timeI call every living creature Naomi.

        As long as you are alive, my hope wont disappear. Naomi, Naomi.

Naomi   Remember when I was at my best...

J.B.    Your voice  is just the same as ever.(cut at Kobe)

Naomi   Chame will grow up, day by day. You will  get older. Time will stop only for me it makes me sad. Tell me, please. Do the dead feel lonely?(cut at premiere)

        Naomi raises herself  weakly and squats in front of the altar, putting on lipstick. When J.B. whispers her name, Naomi turns listlessy,  her expression full of melancholy. (cut at Kobe)

J.B.    Even if we should be separated, our hearts will be one.

        At J.B.s remarks, Naomi, still with the same expression, replies: (cut at Kobe)

Naomi   Could  you still love me? If I rose from the dead, would you marry me again?

J.B.    We'll live  in a house on a hilltop. We'll make a flower bed in the garden  looking out over the harbor. You'll teach me the name of the flowers. Ill plant the kinds of flowers you like. I want to create a place where you and my mother can come back to whenever you like. Wouldn't that be nice?.(cut at Kobe)

Naomi   The dead are like the people you see in a dream. Come and see me whenever you like. You are just you. I am just me. Our love will never end.Like the wave breaking on the shore and the breeze wafting through the trees, our love will caress the echoes and fury of this world.

        With these words Naomi passes away. J.B. rushes to her and holds her up.(cut at Kobe)

         Next to them Chame stands aghast.(cut at Kobe)

J.B.    Naomi, Naomi, Naomi(cut at Kobe)

        J.B. cries out Naomi as he tries to pick her up, but she breathes her last. Not far from them, Chame is building something out of pieces of wood.  J.B. and Chame are brightly lit. Chame stands up suddenly as if remembering something, and takes some steps surrounded by angels. He places his hand on his fathers head  and tries to comfort him. (new)


        "The past, so close but so remote, comes back to me.

When the cruel wind blew and dried my tears.                                                             

When I sighed as I looked up at clouds mirroring my heart.

Those who have wept understand

The tear-stained words of someone who has lost a beloved.

Those who sigh understand

the bitter regrets of someone who has died leaving their loved ones.

Just one spring.  Just one love.

Just one happiness.

That is all thats needed to light up the future.

For no hardship ever lasts forever.

The dead can wait, beyond sadness,for those still living to regain hope and courage, strength and a smile.(new)"