Christmas Island

4th April to 11th April 2009
Haru 2009 Tour for VK9X was over at 16utc on 10th Apil 2009!

Established on 1st February, 2009
Updated on Saturday, Monday, 11 May, 2009 20:56:52


The latest DX Pedition has a too large scale. First of all, I think
that DX Pedition carried out using easy equipment like W4BPD.
Therefore, for my DX Pedition set up is also easy equipment.
Please listen and catch a weak
signal !

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I have sent my QSL to JARL QSL buro today,but it is not sure that they do manage very fast.
It will receive my QSL after 1 year later Hi.
PSE QSL to JA1XGI or via buro.
Handling of QSL at Buro is not working well.
It will take much time!
Do not send to W8XGI

5th April 2009

Worked 500 stns(incl psk)

6th Apiril 2009
Low band ant is just for reday.
Built up dipole for 160m(80m long)
SWR is 1.2
QRV sunset time in local is around 11:00 UTC

Sun rise time is around 19:00 UTC
I will be on around 1.820 up /dwn

7th April 2009
Low band ant is not working well.
Suddenly SWR is coming up to 2.6 and transmitting power is very low.
I do not know what happen.
Last night I worked many stations on RTTY and PSK on 20m.
Many US were calling ,but I could not pick you up very well. Very sorry.

8th April 2009
Low band ant is available . I heard JA6??? on 1.816 mhz
at1600 UTC and I have a schedule with FK8CP 1.821/1.831 around 1650UTC
I will be calling CQ around 1.821
Yesterday I have worked many JA stations on 30m and EU stations on 20m.
It was dog-pile,and I cound not copy well. hi

The weather is changing day by day and it is the end of WET season.
So there were much sudden rain shower.

This morning following our guest is coming

10th April 2009
It was a final day for this tour, and made 2200 QSOs
But low band was very poor.
I would like to visit this island. Because there are wide space area for beam ant in our lodge. It is on the rock.
Many thanks for many calls.