TODAI - JI Temple in Nara

Todaiji Temple was built in the Nara period ( 710 - 794 AD) at the behest of Emperor Shomu ( r.724-749).

Todaiji Temple serves both as a place of prayer for peace and affluence on earth,

as well as a center of Buddhist doctrinal research.

Over the centruries, Todaiji has produced many famous scholar priests.

The statue of Vairocana Buddha is made from cast bronze, which was then plated with gold.

The statue was consecrated in 752, but was damaged and repaired several times in the following centuries.

The current hands of the statue were made in the Momoyama period( 1568 - 1615),

and the head was made in the Edo period( 1615 - 1867).

Spring in 2003